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November 30, 2021

Oklahoma is a state which legalized the use of medical marijuana back in June, 2018. This worthwhile decision changed the face of medicine in this state. With the legalization of this alternative medicinal therapy came a huge wave of cannabis and its compounds leading the market share at every front. People excitedly bought products infused with CBD, THC or any of the other cannabinoids.

What also became possible with an Oklahoma medical card and a Medical Marijuana Grower’s License was the growing of cannabis at home, strictly for personal use by the patient.

Growing cannabis at home is a complex process that requires proper care and attention. As we have already covered the topic of how to grow cannabis at home in Oklahoma before, we will now list the best low odor strains that can easily be grown at home for any patient. Before listing them down, a patient needs to also go through the benefits of growing your own low odor marijuana strains at home.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis at Home

There are a lot of reasons for which a patient can opt to grow low odor cannabis at home. We have tried to highlight the most important ones down below.

Saves a Lot of Money

One benefit that speaks volumes in favor of growing cannabis at home is the factor of affordability. Growing cannabis at home is one of the best ways to cut down on the excessive cost of buying expensive marijuana from dispensaries or such.

It then makes for one of the leading factors for patients to grow cannabis at home especially if they need a regular amount of it for a longer duration of time.

Is Highly Convenient

Another major reason for people to grow cannabis at home is because of convenience. When a patient can grow cannabis at home, the immediate use and accessibility of it becomes a welcome benefit. Instead of traveling to buy marijuana products for their regular consumption, they can simply use the plants that they’ve organically grown in their homes.

Unlimited Supply 

The supply of marijuana also becomes unlimited for the patients, when they are growing their own supply. This is because the total number of cannabis plants that a patient can grow in the state of Oklahoma is 12, out of which 6 can be mature and 6 must be seedlings. This maintains a never-ending growth cycle which eliminates the possibility of running out of their personal supply of cannabis.

Be Sure of Its Purity 

When a patient is growing their own cannabis at home, one thing they can be sure of is the quality of cannabis. This is a sure thing due to the personal care and attention that the plant is sure to receive from the patient. It can additionally help in elevating the quality of cannabis which will definitely contribute towards being a better cure for the concerned patient.

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5 Best Low Odor Cannabis Strains You Can Easily Grow at Home 

After covering the important benefits of growing your own cannabis at home above, we must now enlist some of the cannabis strains that can easily be grown at home. The fact that these cannabis strains must be low odor is important because they have to be grown at home.

Many studies have covered how the consumer perceives the aroma of different cannabis strains. As cannabis strains are oftentimes associated with relatively high and potent aromas. It is then important to go through a list of strains that wouldn’t be as strong during the growing stages to bother the people living in the area or around. Hence a patient should choose the low odor strain depending on:

  • The smell of the strain in its growth stages
  • The smell that the strain produces when smoked
  • How distinctively marijuana the smell of the strain is

Given below is a list of the suggested low odor cannabis strains. A patient can go through each one of the strains and choose the one that is most suitable for them.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is possibly the best cannabis strain to grow at home. This discreet Indica strain is among the most popular strains and the fact that it is a low odor one adds to its popularity index. It flowers quickly and has quite an earthy and piney aroma which smells more like an incense than a strain. It is also an extremely beneficial strain that works impressively to provide pain relief benefits and to disperse anxiety, depression, and other such mood symptoms.

Durban Poison

A special cannabis strain that is naturally rich in THCV, is another great strain that a grower can easily grow at home. The candish or licorice aroma of the strain is enough to mask the identifiable cannabis smell. The amazing benefits of this strain include providing mood upliftment effects, getting rid of fatigue symptoms and increasing your focus or concentration.

Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic is a rather good-looking cannabis plant. This low odor strain smells fruity and all things yummy like blueberry. The high that the smoking of this strain gives the user is also mild and happy. It also doesn’t take up much space inside the house which is a contributing factor for it to become so popular with the growers.

The main effects of smoking this strain include a mildly euphoric high which alleviates the symptoms of nausea, stress, pain, insomnia and depression.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a Sativa dominant strain that smells quite earthy with a piney, spicy and fruity aroma, all of which make it a perfect choice to be grown indoors. The THC content of this strain is comparatively high which is why the main effect of smoking is a comfortable euphoric high which helps in enhancing the mood of the user. Being compact and quite typically a cannabis plant with a fruity smell, this strain is quite significant.

Polar Express

A strain that is particularly easy to grow even for novice growers is Polar Express. It is an Indica-dominant strain which despite only a 15% THC content somehow is able to deliver quite potent effects. Smoking this strain isn’t just mentally relaxing but physically relaxing as well. This plant has it all, the perfect small size, the pleasant aroma and the best quality buds yield.


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