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If you thought that using cannabis only involved lighting up a joint and getting high. Then you are way off from reality. Your favorite green buds come with an instructional manual that you must not miss out on reading. After all, cannabis is a drug with mind-altering properties. You cannot start the journey without being prepared.

For starters, you may need a medical cannabis card to be able to purchase pot in your state. This is because not every state has the same marijuana laws. They vary in terms of quality regulations, user’s age, and reason for use. So if your state allows recreational marijuana then it’s easier for people to buy it than in states where only medical marijuana is legal.

But, that’s not all. Once you have your MMJ card, you must know where to buy quality cannabis, how to be safe while using it and what to expect. In addition to all these important factors. If you use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, you must know how to store it properly.

Why is proper storage of marijuana important?

People can have different reasons for storing cannabis. Some do not consume all of their stashes in one go. So they store some for later use. People who use cannabis for medical conditions need to be stocked at all times. So storage is important. And during the present conditions when the world is hit with one of the worst pandemics.

It is essential to be mindful of how you use marijuana and store it properly to last as long as possible. Now, a lot of people assume that ‘Marijuana does not come with an expiry date’. While it is true that marijuana is quite resilient. But even then the efficacy of this statement is subject to a number of variables.

First, it is not an all-inclusive statement. Because some of your edibles and marijuana infusions do have an expiry date. Second, while your marijuana buds may not necessarily die after a time. But its potency and freshness can take a severe hit when stored under improper conditions. This can be a major problem for people who rely on marijuana for their ailments. And lastly, your marijuana can go bad if not stored properly. And if that happens it can do more harm than good.

So how do you keep your cannabis fresh and potent? Read along to find out.

Out of reach

Proper storage is important for the safety of those who should not be anywhere around cannabis. So the first thing to consider before storing your cannabis is children, pets, and old people. What I mean by this is that if you live in a space where there are children, freely roaming pets, grandparents, and anyone who doesn’t use cannabis. Then you must take proper storage seriously.

Children and pets can be very curious about new and unusual things. And it does not take them much time to put anything in their mouth. Neither of them will be able to handle the psychoactive effects. Because just like humans, your dogs can also get high and they may not take it very well.

Likewise, ingesting marijuana by the elderly in your home can be a problem. While there are a lot of senior citizens who use marijuana, it is usually under controlled conditions. This is because old age can make people more vulnerable to psychoactive drugs. So to avoid all these scenarios, it is best to store your stash in a place that is only accessible to you. For example, the bottom shelf of your closet or your secret drawer.

Properly labeled

While cannabis buds, joints, and tinctures are easily recognizable. A lot of people consume cannabis in edibles and homemade recipes. Which can make accidental consumption very likely. Now, cannabis edibles have very different effects from joints and bongs. They have different sets of instructions and can even be more potent. So even you have to be careful while consuming it, let alone the people who don’t.

This is why, if you consume cannabis gummies, cookies, or brownies. Or make your own cannabis infusions. Make sure that you properly label them. Especially when you live with a lot of people. Labeling is also helpful in times where you have guests who are not aware of your cannabis goods. Remember to mark the date you made a recipe and check the expiry dates of store-bought edibles. This is to ensure that you do not consume products that have gone bad.


Next most important thing to ensure proper storage of cannabis is containers. There are all sorts of containers that people use for storage. From plastic bags to glass jars. And opaque containers to transparent ones. But, which is best?

Here are some factors you must consider while choosing a container for your cannabis.


Plastic or glass, your container must be airtight. It is an essential factor. This is because cannabis has a strong aroma. And if your container isn’t airtight, it will leave your room or your drawer with a strong smell of cannabis. And this is a problem for people who like to be discrete.


It is alright to use plastic bags for storing rolled-up joints or cannabis buds for some time. But, it is not really an ideal method. Plastic bags are not sturdy. So they increase the chances of crushing the buds with improper handling. Also, plastic bags create static and attract all the trichomes from the buds. Which can reduce the potency of your stash. And most importantly, plastic is an environmental hazard. So you must avoid the use of plastic for storing cannabis.

Opt for glass

With plastic out of the list, glass is the next best option for a cannabis container. It will keep all the aroma intact, does not cause any loss of trichomes due to static, and is sturdy enough to avoid crushing the buds. You can buy an opaque jar or a clear one.

Size matters

Remember to buy a glass jar according to the number of buds you have. Because the more space that is left in the container. The more will be the oxygen trapped in the jar. And this will lead to faster degradation of the buds.

Environmental Factors

Light and temperature

You must keep your container in a cold and dark place. This is because sunlight is the worst enemy of your buds. It will slowly reduce the potency of your cannabis and fade away its healthy green color. More exposure to sunlight can also increase the temperature and harm the terpenes that can cause a change in the taste of your cannabis. However, this does not mean that you should store your stash at a low temperature. The ideal range should be between 40 and 77-degree Fahrenheit.


Excessive humidity can be the reason for mold growth. So keep your containers away from the sun to avoid sweating. And try to find a place with a humidity level between 58 to 62 percent for proper storage.

Is refrigeration an option?

Freezing or refrigerating your buds is not a great idea. This is because the trichomes will get brittle and break off from the bud. Which will reduce the potency. However, you can store your edibles or infusions in the fridge. But make sure that they are in an airtight container to avoid cross-contamination of the flavors and aromas.

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Final thoughts

Cannabis can stay in your drawer for years. Provided that you check all the boxes of requirements. Proper storage ensures that your buds and edibles remain potent for a long time. And so also helps you save money by allowing you to use one stock for longer. So make sure that you follow these steps to store your stash properly.

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