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The use of cannabis in the country has reached an all-time “high” now. And why not? There are so many different methods of consumption available in the market for everyone. It’s not about just smoking now. The plant can also be consumed by vaping, eating, applying directly to the body, or the most recent addition, inhaling.

Oklahoma marijuana doctors have pointed to the fact that not every cannabis consumer can enjoy the plant by smoking only. And therefore, to help those who can’t rely on smoking reap the benefits of the plant, the cannabis industry has come up with many different methods of marijuana consumption, including recently introduced marijuana inhalers.

According to recent data, in the US alone, more than 25 million people are suffering from asthma. And as the problem is lung-related, these people can’t even go near a person who’s smoking, let alone smoke themselves. Inhaling any type of smoke can make their condition even worse. And this just contradicts the whole point of consuming cannabis in the first place.

There are many other conditions like this where a person cannot consume cannabis by smoking. And this is where a marijuana inhaler comes into the picture.

Though we have many other methods, too, of consuming cannabis that doesn’t involve smoke, cannabis inhalers are the recent addition to the list. Weed inhalers have been in the path of development for the past many years. And now, after several laboratory trials, they are finally available in the market for medicinal as well as recreational usage.

So, today, we’ll be looking into what these marijuana inhalers exactly are, and how they can help you with your condition.

What is a Cannabis Or Marijuana Inhaler?

A marijuana inhaler is a device, just like an asthma inhaler, that contains the purest and cleanest form of marijuana. By consuming cannabis through this inhaler, a person won’t have to face any adverse effects that are generally involved with the traditional method of consuming, i.e. smoking. Instead, you’ll get only the medicinal aspects of the plant. And that too, in their purest form.

Furthermore, there’s one more thing that you will seldom find in any other method of consumption. By using an inhaler, you’ll also be able to select the dosage you want to take as per your condition. And as you’re getting a perfect dose every single time, you’ll be able to manage your condition much more efficiently.

Advantages of Using Weed Inhaler

The first and foremost point here is that a cannabis inhaler is quite discrete in nature. As it looks just like any other regular asthma inhaler, people won’t be able to tell the difference. And this makes it very easy for a person to use in public. The vapors formed by a weed inhaler also don’t have much odor. So people won’t be pointing to you as in the case of smoking. You can easily keep your inhaler with you even at places that don’t allow smoking marijuana.

Furthermore, marijuana inhalers are also a great alternative to strong pharmaceutical drugs. Due to the option of setting a dosage, these inhalers can be much more effective in treating your condition than any other traditional method, such as smoking.

The respiratory side effects of this method of consuming cannabis are also almost zero. Any form of combustion isn’t really good for your lungs. But with this method, you just eliminate any chance of consuming smoke, altogether. And this makes it a perfect choice for people who are suffering from any respiratory condition.

Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana Inhaler

Medical marijuana inhaler can find their usage in many different areas, from medicinal to therapeutic to recreational. It doesn’t matter if you’re suffering from cancer, chronic pain, asthma, or any other condition, you can get benefited from a cannabis inhaler. Unlike the traditional method of smoking, which involves numerous side effects, such as coughing, difficulty in breathing and irritation, etc., marijuana inhalers are almost devoid of any such adverse effects.

Furthermore, by consuming cannabis through an inhaler, you get a proper and correct dosage of marijuana, every time you inhale. This helps you manage your medical condition much more efficiently.

The better bioavailability involved with cannabis inhalers also makes it much easier for the CBD and other substances to assimilate into the bloodstream very quickly. This makes it very helpful for people who want fast relief from their pain or any other medical condition.

Where can I get a Weed Inhaler?

Unfortunately, as the research around the subject isn’t very vast, the availability of cannabis inhalers is a bit limited right now. As of now, they are available at a few places in the United States and Canada. But as the studies take flight, we will soon be able to see the product at many other places too.

Manufacturers, right now, are offering inhalers with various different strains. The inhaler, once used, can be refilled easily with a cartridge. And each cartridge is said to last for around 100 inhales. However, it may depend on how strong your dosage is.

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How to Use a Weed Inhaler?

As the product is quite new in the market, a lot of buyers don’t actually know how to use it. After purchasing the product, many users find that it doesn’t come with any details or instruction set. You may find some information on the official website, but that too isn’t quite comprehensive. However, luckily, the technology among the inhaler manufacturers isn’t very diverse. And therefore, the instructions are more or less the same for almost all inhalers.

  • First, take the cap off your marijuana inhaler and shake it vigorously for around five seconds. This is to make the solution inside the uniform and homogeneous.
  • Now, take a deep breath. After that place the inhaler just above your tongue, and close your mouth completely around the inhaling tube.
  • Just breathe normally, and while doing so, press down the canister’s button as you take a full breath.
  • Take out the inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath for around 10 seconds. After that, release your breath, slowly.

You may go for another dose if you feel like it. But just wait for around one minute before doing that. Oklahoma marijuana doctors recommend you start with around two inhales, first. Just wait and see if you’re getting the desired effects. And if you still feel you need more, you can always go for another dose.

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Final Thoughts

Though it is not much widely used yet, due to its discrete nature and numerous advantages over the other traditional methods, a cannabis inhaler is surely the next big thing in the marijuana world. And with more research, we can soon expect it to become one of the favorite choices among most marijuana users.


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