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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Growers License in Oklahoma

To get a grower’s license in Oklahoma, you must comply with the following:

Register Online

Register on our website by filling out an application. You will share some personal and medical details that will help our doctors evaluate your condition.

Get Evaluated

Our certified doctor will connect with you for a consultation. Questions about your medical history, current medical condition, medications you’re currently consuming, etc., will be asked.

Receive Recommendation Letter

If, after the evaluation, your application is approved, you will receive a PDF of your medical marijuana recommendation form via email.

Register with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

Use this recommendation form to apply for a medical marijuana card with the OMMA. You’ll have to apply for the card within 30 days of getting a recommendation. You must fill out a form, pay the state fee and wait for the state to review your application and send the medical card.

This medical card will act as your grower’s license when cultivating at home for personal consumption.

Medical Marijuana Growers License in Oklahoma

For medical marijuana patients, the constant and consistent inflow of cannabis is crucial for managing their chronic symptoms. This means that as a patient, you have to make frequent visits to your local dispensary and expend a few bucks every now and then. However, to make the process easier, the state of Oklahoma allows its medical marijuana patients to apply for a grower’s license.

This license acts as a ticket for all MMJ patients to grow their own cannabis at home without getting caught up in any legal hassles.

Pre-requisites of an Oklahoma Grower’s License

Before you obtain an Oklahoma grow license, here are some pre-requisites you must comply with:

  • You must be a medical marijuana card holder - For this, you must consult a medical marijuana doctor, get evaluated, receive your recommendation letter and then apply with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

  • You must be above the age of 18 to grow cannabis - As a minor, you need a caregiver to cultivate marijuana for your personal use.

  • You must grow marijuana on your own property or have permission from the owner to grow it on theirs - In the case of a rented property, you must get written permission from your landlord to plant cannabis on their property.

  • The plants you grow cannot be visible from any street touching your property - Visible here refers to the cannabis being in clear sight of a pedestrian or neighbor who has 20/20 vision and does not require any device to view it.

  • With a medical marijuana card, you can grow up to 6 mature and 6 immature cannabis plants - A mature plant is flowering while an immature plant is a seedling still in its vegetative growth phase.

  • You can only cultivate for personal use - The license does not allow you to partake in any commercial activities, the cannabis cultivated can only be consumed by you.

How We Can Help

Our online clinic is staffed with the best, licensed practitioners in Oklahoma that prioritize the health of their patients above else. As advocates of medical marijuana and its therapeutic benefits, our team is working towards eliminating the stigma around the herb. We’re flooded with pro-cannabis physicians who are always ready to connect with you. Their job is to ask questions about your medical condition, answer any questions and queries that you might have, and finally, recommend medical marijuana if you qualify.

Your consultation with our doctor will entail discussions around the following:

  • Your medical condition, your medical history, and any current allergies
  • The medical history of your family
  • Medications you’re currently prescribed
  • Traditional treatment that you went through previously
  • Possible interactions with other medications, supplements you are consuming
  • You can ask any questions that you may have during this consultation
How We Can Help

Benefits of Applying for a Medical Marijuana Growers License in Oklahoma

A grower’s license adds comfort and convenience to an MMJ patient’s life, helping them avail high quality, potent and affordable cannabis at home.


Growing your own cannabis proves to be a lot more inexpensive than dispensary-purchased cannabis. With personal cultivation, you no longer have to worry about the high prices of products and taxes levied on them.

Quality Control

When cultivating cannabis at home, you can pick and choose the type of cannabis you want to grow. You have complete control over the quality of your produce, the strain you want to grow, and the method best suited for your requirement.


Medical marijuana patients no longer have to make frequent visits to their local dispensaries. Growing cannabis means that it is always available on hand or at home, whenever the need arises.

Legal Security

A growers license in Oklahoma allows you to grow 6 mature and 6 immature marijuana plants without any legal complications. However, growing cannabis without a license is deemed illegal.

Difference Between an Oklahoma Grower’s License and a Cultivation License

Difference Between an Oklahoma Grower’s License and a Cultivation License

An Oklahoma Growers License and a Cultivation License are different in their purpose and their target applicants.

An Oklahoma Growers License allows a medical marijuana patient to grow cannabis at their home for personal consumption only. The legal amount of 6 flowerings and 6 vegetative marijuana plants is limited to patients who require cannabis to treat their ailments. A patient cannot legally indulge in the sale of this homegrown cannabis. Patients must first apply for a medical marijuana recommendation form from a licensed doctor and then obtain the final license from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

On the contrary, a cultivation license is required by businesses that wish to commercialize the cultivation of cannabis in Oklahoma. Oklahoma currently supports one commercial license for cultivators - The Medical Marijuana Growers License. This allows a business to grow marijuana which is later sold to licensed processors and licensed dispensaries. Potential cultivators must submit a Certificate of Compliance, and go through some screening processes before receiving the certificate from OMMA. They must then follow it up by registering with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control (OBNDD).

In both cases, the applicant should be a resident of Oklahoma.

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