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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry
September 15, 2021 adminfu 0

Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry has witnessed a drastic change in the year 2021. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Oklahoma’s medical marijuana product sales crossed $800 million, more than the state’s total sales in 2019. One of the reasons for this profit boost could be the state’s loose restrictions on the medical marijuana programs.

With voters’ approval, medical marijuana was legalized in June 2018, paving the way for the state’s cannabis industry. And that makes us discuss Oklahoma’s cannabis industry, its scope, and its future. Read the full article to get yourself aware of why Oklahoma became the country’s hottest cannabis market!

Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma

Medical marijuana is now an easy term in Oklahoma. People who wish to seek medical marijuana treatment would just need a medical marijuana card Oklahoma and can access cannabis legally. Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry is booming like never before. The sudden rise in sales led to the addition of 6000 new jobs in the state’s cannabis industry, bringing the state’s total cannabis employment to almost 17000. More than 5.8 % of the state’s population has registered for medical marijuana patient cards and the percentage will just be rising.

Data suggest that a state licensing department has approved more than 7000 cannabis businesses in Oklahoma, the majority of them being single businesses. Oklahoma follows a free-market approach for cannabis-related businesses and is popular for providing its medical marijuana patients the least restrictive doctor-certification processes. All of this has contributed to the quick surge of the state’s marijuana sales. While the majority of people know how to get medical cannabis, there is a section of society that still is unaware of the process.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma?

With the rising demand for medical marijuana all over the United States, the registrations for medical marijuana cards are also shooting up! ‘How to get a medical marijuana card’ has been one of the top searches on Google over the past few years. Now, the question is what’s the process? How does one apply for a medical card? What are the benefits of a medical marijuana card? In this section, we will be reading about how to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma.

The Process :

Getting an MMJ card in Oklahoma is pretty much the same as it’s in the other US states. You first need to see a doctor and get his recommendation if your health condition qualifies for getting cannabis treatment. Once you have the recommendation, you can apply to Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program and get your card. The process is explained in detail below-

Consult an MMJ Doctor

To apply online, the first and foremost step is to find a legitimate website that offers medical marijuana-related services. Register on the website, fill the application form and you will be appointed a cannabis doctor. Make sure that the doctor you are consulting is state-licensed and belongs to a proper medical background. The doctor will evaluate your medical condition and see if you qualify for taking medical marijuana or not.

What Are the Qualifying Conditions?

To get a doctor’s recommendation, you should have a qualifying health condition. By that, we mean that you should be able to prove that you need cannabis for your health condition. Most of the states have a list of qualifying health conditions while Oklahoma does not really follow this trend. In Oklahoma, if your doctor believes that your condition qualifies for the treatment, then he can provide you with a recommendation. You will receive your recommendation letter online via email in PDF format. The rec is basically proof that you have a doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana for your health condition.

Please note that your doctor cannot ‘prescribe’ you medical marijuana as it’s a legal term and since marijuana is not legal at the federal level, your doctor can recommend and not prescribe. Below are some of the common health conditions for which people seek medical cannabis –

Health Conditions

1)  Anxiety
2) Cancer
3) Chronic Pain
4) Inflammation
5) Anorexia
7) Epilepsy
8) Multiple Sclerosis
9) Insomnia
10) Nausea

Any medical condition that prevents an individual from performing daily activities.

Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card

Once you get your MMJ recommendation, the next step is to apply for a medical marijuana card at Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Authority application page. While applying, you will need some documents including a copy of your doctor’s recommendation, residential proof, identity proof, and your photo. Submit all these documents online along with the application fee of $100. Now, wait for the authority to verify your application.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana association would probably take two weeks to contact you to update your medical card status. Once you receive your card, it will be valid for two years. You can use the card to purchase medical cannabis and avail of other benefits that come along with the card.

Future of Oklahoma’s Marijuana Industry

Oklahoma’s marijuana industry has become one of the hottest cannabis markets, leaving behind the states like California. Considering the statistics of 2020, it’s possible that the state will again see a rising trend in the cannabis market. Not only medical marijuana, but recreational marijuana might also get legalized in the state with all the demands that the industry is facing. It will be interesting to know whether the state will legalize recreational weed or not.

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