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January 9, 2020

Oklahoma is pretty new to the world of cannabis. And therefore is trying very hard to become one of the front-liners without wasting any time. They are unstoppable since the State passed Question 788 in June 2018. The state is eager to open more businesses, register patients for Oklahoma medical marijuana cards. Thereby, generating good fortune as revenue. More than 100,000 patients have already been approved along with more than 500 caregivers as per the data shared by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA).

But, patients are still skeptical about its use as a medical aid. They have a lot of questions about the whole concept. For instance, does my medical condition qualify for a medical marijuana card? Or Should I go for cannabis therapy with my current medication? Simply because not everything mixes well with each other.

So, it is important to be cautious about taking different medications together. Or that concoction might affect you big time. The same goes for cannabis and antibiotics. Let’s talk about the interactions and find the right answer.

The Interactions Between Cannabis And Drugs

To get an idea about the biochemistry of drugs and cannabis, you need to understand that drugs interact either by additive or synergistic mechanisms. The additive is simple, just add one with one. And if the interaction will be synergistic, then the two will magnify each other’s effects. And cannabis usually uses a synergistic mechanism while interacting with different medications.

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Remember, the articles show that the interactions of THC with alcohol always doubles the effects. That’s why doctors ask patients to avoid mixing both of them. Or else you will experience euphoria on another level. Can cannabis do the same with any medication as well? Let’s find out.

Does Cannabis Cause Any Harmful Interactions?

We eat a lot of things in a day that directly or indirectly impacts the existence of other compounds inside the body. For example, even with simple caffeine, there would be more than 80 interactions ranging from moderate to severe. According to the UK’s National Health Service, you must never indulge in drinking while taking antibiotics, especially if you are consuming metronidazole and tinidazole.

Imagine even harmless molecules can cause negative interactions with antibiotics. It can interfere with the metabolism of a number of medications. Many scientists used this example to study the interactions of cannabis with different medications. They found that interactions with cannabis were mostly mild. And that cannabis could favorable work well with every kind of marijuana strain or product. Pretty good information for the patients looking for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

For example, if you are looking to use cannabis as an analgesic with a current antibiotic, you can cut down on the antibiotic dose. And still, you can produce the same effects without any side effects. There are only a few interactions felt by those who actually worked to mix the two.

One other medical nurse who specializes in marijuana found that certain antibiotics such as troleandomycin might interact with marijuana. As it inhibits a specific enzyme in the liver which is used by a range of medications. That means it will trigger the efficacy of other medications in its presence. But, it can cause certain negative effects as well.

Many studies have predicted that CBD has immense analgesic properties. Even to the strains that were found resistant to conventional medications. So, CBD can go a long way towards replacing antibiotics. So, indirectly, one does not have to think about any interactions as they can easily replace the antibiotics with CBD using an Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

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The Final Verdict

With all the studies available, one can definitely say that there is no issue with mixing marijuana with your current antibiotics. However, make sure to experience some heightened side effects of those medications. There are many doctors whose current patients wish to use cannabis and they are allowing them to use it. However, they guide their patients about every aspect of mixing the two medications together.

If you are still not convinced talking to a doctor providing will help to understand the whole concept. Or whether you can use cannabis with your medication or not. Choose wisely and ensure safety while managing your medical condition.

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