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Cannabis has various benefits and 3.7 million Americans use it for medicinal purposes. Interestingly, use a medical cannabis card to avail of medical marijuana products from various dispensaries, while others simply use a state-issued ID to buy their favorite strain. However, since the pandemic turned America into a giant prison, people have binge-bought cannabis. Not only this but medical marijuana businesses have seen a huge spike in sales in the last few months. This means that deeming marijuana businesses essential has helped both recreational and medical marijuana users purchase a 30-day stock.

It also has to be noted that the rise in sales indicates that people are turning to cannabis during these crucial times. Some might use it for medical reasons but others are using it to help them stay calm amidst the COVID-19 chaos. There are tons of cannabis strains that have relaxing properties. Some also help you stay active and energized throughout the day, but arguably most people would want to consume cannabis to chill out and relax. So, here are five strains suggestions for you to stay calm and have a good time.

Northern Lights

If you want to get lazy or you have trouble sleeping at night, Northern Light is your answer. Northern Light is a descendant of the well-known and highly acknowledged Afghani and Thai strains. A highly effective strain with high resistance and an ability to grow in various environmental conditions.

The northern light is an original Indica strain that is cherished by cultivators for instant flowering and high-quality buds. Also, the strain has a reputation for providing relaxing effects. With only a few sniffs you will instantly feel the soothing effects of this strain. Talking about the flavors, as soon as you purchase the strain, you will detect earth-like and peppery undertones with a hint of sweet taste. The terpenes in the strain will tail you off for a good night’s sleep.

In addition, always keep in mind that Northern lights are a highly potent strain. So, make sure you don’t overdose on it. Always start small and look for dense and resin-coated buds while making a purchase.

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Put on some quarantine music and bake an edible out of the gelato strain. Make sure you add a considerate amount and wait for the high to kick in. If you are new to edibles, do not rush, eat a small quantity, and you will notice the effects soon after digestion.

That said, let us look into some interesting facts. Just like Northern Lights, this strain also provides relaxing effects. Gelato is also known as Larry Bird is a cross between Thin Mint and Sunset Sherbert. You can easily recognize the strain due to the purple color of the flower. Gelato also has a sweet, earthy, aroma and you can use it with various food items. So, put on your favorite Netflix show and enjoy the flavors while you recline on the sofa.

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Girl Scout Cookies

If you want to binge-watch a series relaxing on your couch, Girl Scout Cookies also known as GSC is your partner in crime. It is a highly potent strain that will last quite longer than you thought. So, make sure you consume it carefully and go small if you are a novice cannabis user.

GSC is a cross between the Durban Poison and OG Kush. Just like Northern Lights it also has some sweet and earthy flavors. It is also cited as a strain that can help you build your creativity. Although taking it in the form of edibles will produce a heightened effect. You will be couch-locked all day and you can comfortably enjoy your favorite series within the confines of your home. Also, GSC is a Sativa strain bred by the Northern California Cookie family. So, go ahead and relax with GSC safely inside your home.

Blackberry Kush

Insomniacs and people with sleeping problems should give Blackberry Kush a try. A highly potent strain that will put you to sleep instantly. However, I suggest that you should first seek medical advice. Particularly if you have a sleeping disorder. A proper evaluation of your medical condition will help you learn how cannabis can work with your body and a doctor will understand the dosing cycle better than anyone. So, make sure you consult a medical marijuana doctor before getting high on Blackberry Kush.

This strain can also help you stay calm in a stressful environment. Given the fact that cannabis helps reduce stress, it is fair to say that you can choose to consume this strain after a hectic day. Having said that let us dive straight into the classification of this strain. Blackberry Kush, appears back in color as the name suggests because of the dark purple flowers. Sometimes the buds are so purple that the color of the strain will appear black to the naked eyes. With the purple-looking nugs also comes a mix of sweet and sour flavors. Also take note, if you are new to cannabis, steer clear and do not lay your hands on Blackberry Kush. It might come as a surprise to you but the effects of the strain on a newbie can be more surprising and overwhelming.

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Master Kush

Afraid of getting numb? Try Master Kush. It will help your full body relax without creating an intense euphoria. Most Indica strains tend to produce a mind-numbing effect. However, Master Kush, a cross between two landrace strains can help you feel relaxed and uplifted at times.

Master Kush has an amazing balance with a mellow, sweet, and pungent aroma. Some anxiety patients consume this strain to feel calm and patients report that it has helped them sharpen sensory awareness. This means that this strain can help you control bad and dark thoughts. It will also help you concentrate on things that need your attention and make you more productive. For many, this strain is an escape from worldly worries with high resistance to disease.

The strains mentioned above are highly potent and good for people who already have experienced marijuana’s high. Newbies can seek advice before consuming these strains. Also, make sure that you don’t share your cannabis stock with anyone as it can put you at the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands and dump the gloves every time you pick a curbside delivery. You can also sanitize the delivered package as a safety measure.

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