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Are Edibles Linked to Liver Damage
Are Edibles Linked to Liver Damage? Exploring the Facts
March 21, 2024 raofu168 0

Throughout the legal states, edibles have become a very popular way for people to consume cannabis in recent years. Among the many products that fall under this category are baked goods, gummies, and chocolates. Edibles provide a covert way for users to experience the effects of cannabis. In order to legally possess cannabis while residing […]

Store Medical Marijuana
Effective Tips to Store Medical Marijuana Properly
July 30, 2022 adminfu 0

Derived from Cannabis Sativa Plant, marijuana is one of the well-known psychoactive drugs known for recreational and medical benefits. This magical plant is a great remedy for patients struggling with mental health issues like depression, stress, and anxiety to name a few. To reap all health benefits, it is vital to apply for a Medical […]

Medical Cannabis Regulations
Oklahoma Governor Signs Final Round of Medical Cannabis Regulations for 2022 Session
June 11, 2022 adminfu 0

The last Friday of May 2022 marked the end of yet another Oklahoma legislative session. The long list of cannabis-related legislation presented during the session was reduced to a handful of bills the Governor approved. This May 2022 session majorly focused on situating OMMA as an independent body, adding regulations for cannabis business owners, and […]

How to Pass a Drug Test After Consuming Marijuana
Have a Drug Test Coming Up? Here’s All You Need to Know
June 9, 2022 adminfu 0

As a cannabis consumer, you may get jittery when you hear the word “drug test.” Don’t worry, it’s a common reaction, but learning more about the topic helps a lot. In this blog, we will talk about how drug tests are performed, the types of drug tests, how you can pass one, and what to […]

Marijuana Detox
How to Perform a Marijuana Detox?
June 1, 2022 adminfu 0

Although marijuana has many health benefits, you may need to perform a marijuana detox once in a while. This may be for any reason, such as you have a workplace drug test coming up, you need to relax your throat from smoking, or you may have overdosed. Regardless of the reason, it is advisable to […]

Why You Should Track Your Cannabis Intake
Why You Should Track Your Cannabis Intake
May 26, 2022 adminfu 0

Have you heard about journaling your medical issues? It can help you keep track of how your condition is progressing, while also keeping your mental health in check. Especially if you are regularly consuming cannabis with hopes of treating medical issues, you must keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t. So, let’s […]

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