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Mission & Vision


Our primary focus is on ensuring that every patient that walks through our door receives standard healthcare. We have an experienced team of board-certified 420 doctors that have and continue to help patients manage their conditions. This includes information about the different modes of cannabis consumption available to you. It is important to us that every patient receives personalized attention and we aim to provide just that to every patient.


America is going through an opioid epidemic. In such a case it is important that we look at alternative forms of medication to help people live the standard of life that they can. Cannabis is one such medicine. It is a versatile plant, the kind that has multiple applications, and as research grows so do its applications. Our long term vision is to help dispel the misconceptions that surround the plant and make it accessible for a larger audience.

Gain Access to Cannabis to Alleviate Your Body Pain

It is not easy to live with chronic pain, anxiety, or any chronic condition. It is also not easy to live the standard of life when you are dependent on opioids to function something that resembles normal. But now with the legalization of cannabis in Oklahoma, you have a natural option to help manage your conditions.

We believe that access to cannabis should be an easy process. It is because of this philosophy that we ensure that our patients receive comprehensive knowledge about what to do after you get your medical recommendations. In Oklahoma, one needs to submit accurate information to the OMMA(Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority).


A Highly Reputed Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Recommendations Clinic

420 Doctors Oklahoma provides the best online medical cannabis card service, helping patients access medical cannabis in Oklahoma legally for managing their health conditions. In business since 2001, we have guided thousands of patients on the right path in their cannabis journey. We hold BBB accreditation with an A+ rating and have a five-star rating on Yelp website. Our 420 doctors are dedicated to helping patients get the right medical cannabis treatment for their health conditions.

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