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It’s not surprising that cannabis produces an incredibly relaxing effect. And since we are living under the constant fear and uncertainties of the ongoing pandemic, marijuana could turn out to be a perfect ally. Scientifically, change is stressful. Be it a pandemic or changing your workspace, or even your room. The human mind does not acknowledge change quickly. That’s what results in anxiety, stress, and other psychological issues. If you are battling stress, going for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card can turn out to be a savior.

But, the question of today is, “why will you choose cannabis when several anxiolytic medications are already available?” The answer is simple, though. It’s a natural way to relax when other options available come with a lot of side effects such as paranoia and addiction. And some can be fatal too.

Here’s how Cannabis Can Help You

Cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids that modulate different biochemical reactions. In other words, cannabis will impact your brain and body in several ways. It turns out, all these reactions would help you to combat stress and induce relaxation. Marijuana is a natural remedy without any risk of fatalities due to overdose. It triggers the right receptors that lower the levels of cortisol, the stress-inducing hormone. And facilitate the production of blissful hormones, i.e., serotonin.

A survey back in 2017 by Yahoo News-Marist revealed that more than 37 percent of participants claimed stress relief after using the herb. Many might find solace in meditation, yoga, or exercise. But, if you combine cannabis, you will feel the effects quickly.

Studies confirm Indica strains to be more calming and soothing with the sedation effects as compared to other varieties. However, if you go with Sativa strains, you can feel refreshed by triggering your creative side. Such strains will help you take your mind off the current stressful events and help you relax immediately. To be precise, cannabis is a great stress-reliever that will help you to get quality sleep.

As per the study published by the Chicago’s Department of Psychiatry Behavioral Neuroscience, low doses of THC will produce stress-relieving effects. Like any other prescription drug, the results of cannabis are also dose-dependent. So, if you want cannabis to be your friend during stressful times, use it cautiously after obtaining your Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

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Factors Affecting The Final Cannabis Effects

Doctors suggest that cannabis will help you chill out. But you need to take care of the dosage to help yourself with the herb. So, before moving ahead with the strains, here are some factors that you must consider.


You must start low and go slow when it comes to consuming cannabis. The amount would depend on your gender, weight, time of day, and your food intake. So, try to start with 5 to 10 mg and see if you are fine. You can always go higher if your system allows that.


You must find a comfortable place to consume cannabis for producing the maximum effects. For some, it could be a couch, and for others while working out. Go for the place that provides you comfort.

Consumption Method

You can go with edibles, tinctures, sublingual, or patches whatever suits your condition the best. But, for now, make sure not to go for smoking or inhalation methods since they might cause dry cough or respiratory health issues that might make you vulnerable to the current viral infection.

Top Cannabis Strains That Will Help You Relax

Once you figure the consumption part, let’s take a further step and help you find the best strains to soothe your anxieties. Let’s get started.

Strawberry Cough

Though it is a Sativa dominant strain, this strain can help you relieve your stress. Since the THC content is high, you must limit the dosage just to get the relaxation. But, if you are a newcomer, you must be cautious while using this strain. It will provide reliable, consistent effects. In short, it will keep your spirits high.


It is another strain that will keep chilled no matter what’s going outside. Its rich earthy flavors help you with the desired cerebral effect. You will mellow down the moment its effects kick in. It will be your partner right through your stressful times.

Blue Dream

For those who want the best of both worlds, this is by far the best strain that you can find to tone down those awkward rushes. It will relax your muscles and soothe your aches and pains to feel the best. If you want to grow this strain, it might be a bit of a lengthy process since it requires 8-10 weeks. However, you can go for auto-flowering strains if you are losing your patience.


If there was ever a competition, this strain would definitely bag the award of the “king” of marijuana. It is an Indica-dominant strain that begins with a head buzz at first. But, slowly, it will make you feel lighter and happier than you will start embracing the things you have. And stop thinking about the issues that are making you worry.

Northern Lights

It is a type of strain that often results in a couch-lock effect. It is very easy to grow. It is relatively easy to grow strain and is highly potent as per today’s standards. It will produce long-lasting effects. The earthy flavors will make you forget the surroundings and help you relax for a long time. You can use this strain with your Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

Final Thoughts

The ongoing pandemic is making it impossible for millions to think rationally. Many of us are struggling with health conditions. And a few others are suffocated with the fact that they are under lockdown. Nothing feels right, which is resulting in an enormous amount of stress. Studies confirm that marijuana is an excellent anxiolytic agent. And you can use it to suppress all your worries to give way to some blissful moments.

But, you must understand that cannabis can make you tipsy if you don’t follow the dosage guidelines correctly. So, asking a doctor about the products that can help you better would be a good idea to start with. But, before anything, make sure you have your Oklahoma medical marijuana card to purchase your favorite strains online or through curbside delivery methods.

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