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Can Cannabis Cure Covid-19 Latest Updat
January 18, 2022 adminfu 0

Every time the pandemic renews one of its waves, we end up asking ourselves – can cannabis help? Can cannabis reduce the effects of the virus? Can medical marijuana recommended by MMJ Doctors Oklahoma make us immune?

And as we sit here wondering how far the effects of cannabis go, we are hit with another substantial piece of literature that tells us more about the associations between cannabis and covid.

As per a recent study by NCBI, published in the Journal of Natural Products, cannabinoids can block the cellular entry of the virus and emerging variants. A research team from the Oregon State University and Oregon Health and Science University conducted a study to find the effects of CBDA and CBGA on the spread of coronavirus. It is crucial to remember that the tests were conducted in laboratories and do not prove the complete efficacy of the herb when used by humans.

As per the research conducted, it was found that some specific cannabinoids have the potential of restricting the reproduction and spread of the virus. Both CBDA and CBGA, at high potencies, were able to have a promising effect on limiting and blocking the infection. However, the study lacks proof of its benefit to humans and is still restricted to a petri dish.

Why We’re Talking About It

This conversation has been on the charts ever since the first sign of covid. However, the recent study has led to a certain flow of comedians entering the spotlight and we’re afraid you’d be led in the wrong direction. From Jimmy Kimmel to Stephen Corbet, comedians have shared their two cents about cannabis being the cure for it all. Unfortunately, a narrative so twisted might get you thinking that cannabis is an actual cure for the virus. While in reality, it is far from that.

To set things right, while cannabinoids might show signs of improving your chances at beating the virus, it is no Ivermectin. And it definitely doesn’t equate to a vaccination.

The Test Wasn’t Done on People

Unlike other tests where we expect lab mice to be involved, this isn’t the case here either. Not only are humans not involved in the study but no living creatures were. Instead, the research was based on a computer simulation. Matching up the known benefits and properties of the two cannabinoids with the virus resulted in the conclusion of the research.

Following this, a test involving a petri dish ensued. Mixing covid-19 virus samples with the cannabinoids, the result was promising- the virus grew at a slower rate.

Another cannabinoid involved, THCA also showed promising results in its effects. However, the name might’ve already suggested that THCA, as the raw parent cannabinoid of THC, is an illegal component. Since being federally illegal, researchers were unable to poke deeper into the potential benefits of THCA and how it can affect the Covid-19 virus.

The whole idea of the research was to give way to more. The research is limited to simulation and a petri dish is far from conclusive. Not only has the study not been conducted on humans, but it also lacks any sort of research conducted on live beings such as lab rats.

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Do Not Consume Cannabis as an Alternative Medication

While cannabinoids might work well to slow down the spread of the virus (though inconclusively stated), it isn’t a cure by itself. Therefore, no covid patient is recommended to depend completely on cannabis products to cure their symptoms.

On a similar note, it is not appropriate to think of cannabis or its cannabinoids as an alternative to vaccines or booster shots. Cannabis has not been studied well enough to be treated as a cure. Nor has it proven its efficacy to be one. It does, however, have the potential to help control the symptoms.

At the same time, if you’re taking any medication to help with your symptoms, cannabis might not work, lose its efficacy, or have other unwanted effects. Since your digestive system, immune system, and detoxification systems are involved in determining how your body interacts with the medication and the cannabis you’re consuming, it is recommended that you consult MMJ doctors Oklahoma.

What’s the Best Bet?

We are advocates of cannabis and its use. And while we do not recommend depending solely on cannabis products while treating your symptoms, including cannabis in your daily life is always a good idea. If you’re looking for ways to stay at the top of your health game, and also lead a happier life, getting a cannabis recommendation might work well for you. Talk to MMJ doctors Oklahoma today and get a recommendation letter to start using cannabis.

However, do not cut down on your vaccinations or medications to fight the Covid-19 virus. Instead, do it all. While it’s crucial to stay vaccinated and take precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the virus, consuming cannabis products with high CBDA and CBGA potencies might work in your favor.

It is crucial to not get misdirected by what you hear today. Rather than the word of mouth, or a joke said in good fun, depend more on studies and research papers that can be found online. These will allow you to understand the reality of things rather than be guided by rumors or fake advocacies.

While cannabis has been proven to have some great benefits, its potential in curing any disease, especially combatting the Covid-19 virus is ambiguous. We recommend that all patients of Covid-19 follow the guidelines stated by the WHO and consult their physicians before indulging in any form of self-medication.

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