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Why You Should Track Your Cannabis Intake
Why You Should Track Your Cannabis Intake

Have you heard about journaling your medical issues? It can help you keep track of how your condition is progressing, while also keeping your mental health in check. Especially if you are regularly consuming cannabis with hopes of...

Different Types of Cannabis Products
Introduction to Different Types of Cannabis Products

Medicinal marijuana has been legal in Oklahoma since 2018; thus, you can get your hands on it legally even if you live in or near suburban areas like Norman. With the help of medical marijuana doctors in Norman, you can get your M...

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Study Reveals Cannabis Compounds Can Prevent COVID-19 – How Much of It Is True?

Cannabis compounds have been gaining quite a popularity for a long time for their commendable contribution to the health industry as a whole.  Every new discovery on the plant has always left the scientific community surprised wi...

Grow Cannabis at Home
How to Grow Cannabis at Home?

Growing cannabis like any other plant is a long process. Long process in terms of getting the right permissions, finding good seeds to be grown, allotting an area inside the home or on hidden personal grounds, and whatnot. It take...

Cannabis Law Ok
Cannabis in Oklahoma: Non-Restrictive Legalization

2018 was a highly significant year for the legalization of medical cannabis and hemp cultivation in the United States. Following the Hemp Farm Program that was implemented in 2018, a lot of states legalized medical cannabis and ad...

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