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A person using tongs to pick up dry medicinal marijuana leaves
July 30, 2022

Learn essential tips to store medical marijuana that maintain potency and freshness, ensuring optimal storage conditions for therapeutic benefits and longevity.

Derived from Cannabis Sativa Plant, marijuana is one of the well-known psychoactive drugs known for recreational and medical benefits. This magical plant is a great remedy for patients struggling with mental health issues like depression, stress, and anxiety to name a few.

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However, unlike other drugs, medical marijuana is more vulnerable to mould or fungal infestation, which in turn can pose potential health risks to the safety of the customers. Many people keep the marijuana in regular transparent Ziploc bags or plastic containers. However, these are not effective storage methods.

If you want to get the biggest bang for your buck for your medical marijuana, it is very important to store it in favourable conditions. A proper storage method is key to getting the most out of your dispensary buy.

Best Ways to Keep Cannabis Fresh and Potent for a Long Time

1) Right Temperature is Important

The ideal temperature to store your medical marijuana is below

70° F or 21° C. Keeping marijuana at a temperature ranging between 77° and 86° F can serve as breeding grounds for mould.

Too hot or too cold conditions can make cannabis lose its texture and potency. For instance, a higher temperature can dry out the bud and destroy terpenes, making the plant lose its effects and flavour.

Similarly, too cold temperatures can drastically affect your magical plant, so avoid keeping it in the refrigerator. Make sure to store cannabis in a temperature-controlled, cool, and dark place.

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2) Ideal Humidity Levels

By its nature, marijuana is known for its moisture content. The ideal moisture content of marijuana is 10-12%. However, this value can vary depending on the location and climatic conditions where it is stored.

The moisture content of the marijuana plays an important role in deciding where to store it.

Keeping it in too moist conditions can make it prone to mould while too dry conditions make it susceptible to dryness and may weaken the bud structure.

Storing marijuana in a humid-controlled environment is vital to maintain its aroma, potency, and flavour. Once purchased make sure to minimize marijuana exposure to air and water to make sure it stays fresh for a long period. The best way to make your medical marijuana survive humid conditions is to keep it in an airtight glass jar.

3) Minimum Sun Exposure

This is one of the most important factors to consider. As we know grass or other plants turn brown when coming in direct contact with the sun. Similarly, sun exposure can result in cannabinoid deterioration and reduce the potency of the plant.

And the last thing you want is to smoke dry and less potent marijuana. To avoid this, make sure to keep marijuana out of extreme light conditions. For instance, avoid keeping marijuana in a place with direct sun exposure because extreme UV rays can deteriorate marijuana.

The darker the better.

It is recommended to store marijuana in a dark space like a drawer or cupboard to avoid direct light. Doing so can also be beneficial in keeping marijuana fresh.

4) Airtight Containers Are a Must

The best way to maximize the life of the marijuana is to keep it in airtight containers or glass jars. By doing so, you can keep marijuana safe from extreme temperature, moisture, and light exposure.

Airtight containers are eco-friendly and affordable options that can protect marijuana from various environmental factors. Please note the less marijuana is exposed to the environment, the longer it will take to degrade over time.

There is a range of airtight containers and mason jars available in different shapes and sizes that you can use to keep your cannabis in top-shelf condition.

Please avoid keeping marijuana in a plastic container as it can make flowers perspire. Moreover, after storing your marijuana in a mason jar, keep the jar away from heat and light.

Alternatively, you can use a blacked-out UV airtight glass jar to store marijuana.

How Long Can Marijuana Be Stored?

There is no exact answer to that. Different marijuana strains have different life periods.

However, in case you follow the above-mentioned trips, good chances that the cannabis can survive for a maximum of 2 years.

Please note that like other plants, cannabis will also degrade over time no matter how hard you try. This is because the terpenes and other components present in marijuana dry out with time. However, you still can maintain its freshness for a good time if you follow the golden rule, “CHAD”:

C: Cool location

H: Humidity maintained

A: Airtight containers

D: Drak place

Mistakes To Avoid With Marijuana Storage

Some of the mistakes to avoid when storing marijuana are:

  • Keep it in a plastic container.
  • Using a Ziploc bag.
  • Keep it outdoors in direct sunlight.
  • Keeping it in a damp environment.
  • Storing cannabis in the refrigerator.

In The End…

Apart from the above, there are more tips like using vacuum-sealing and ground flowers that can help you to keep your marijuana safe and fresh.

Storing marijuana the right way can protect and preserve it down the road. Consuming mouldy cannabis can wreak havoc on your mental and physical health. Following the above tips not only ensures the freshness of marijuana but also makes users confident to consume it while experiencing all its effects.

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