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Cannabis is undoubtedly a magical herb. It is widely popular, mainly due to its medical benefits. Studies prove that it can be helpful in treating various medical conditions. Marijuana doctors can evaluate your condition and if your condition qualifies, they prescribe you a recommendation card. Oklahoma medical marijuana card allows you to buy medical cannabis for your condition from a licensed dispensary.

Many people prefer medical cannabis over other pharmaceutical medicines. And the biggest reason for this is the side effects associated with pharmaceutical medicines. While on the other hand, cannabis can help in managing various symptoms without any dangerous side effects. But, are you familiar with the medical conditions that qualify for a recommendation card? If you are not, then read along and learn about some of the most common conditions medical cannabis is prescribed for.

1. Chronic Pain And Arthritis

A lot of people suffer from chronic pain in America, and more than 600,000 of them choose cannabis to get relief from it. Research proves that medical cannabis is very effective in managing chronic pain. Also, more than 100 types of arthritis affect a lot of senior citizens, which causes the inflammation of a joint. A person suffering from arthritis can experience symptoms such as swelling and redness around the joint, weakness and severe, difficulty in long-range motion, ongoing pain, and stiffness. Cannabis can work as a pain relief for people suffering from arthritis.

2. Insomnia

We all know the importance of sleep for our bodies to function properly. While many people sacrifice their sleep to binge-watch a Netflix series, play games, or complete their office work; there are others who are not able to sleep at night due to insomnia. Now, a lot of people are preferring cannabis to deal with sleep problems. Many studies show that cannabis can help in improving sleep quality, especially for people suffering from insomnia. Cannabis is also known to improve the hours of sleep a person gets, and reduce day-time fatigue. Also, both of the main compounds of cannabis, THC, and CBD, can help in dealing with various sleep disorders, such as insomnia.

3. Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis impacts the brain and spinal cord of a person, and there are a lot of people who suffer from this condition every year in the United States. The main symptoms of multiple sclerosis are spasms, tingling, pain, vision problems, spasticity, and balance issues. Now, the stiffness makes it difficult for patients to move and also causes painful muscle spasms. According to the research published in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal stated that medical cannabis extracts can help in reducing the spasticity and pain related to multiple sclerosis.

4. Epilepsy

Medical cannabis is also used to help people suffering from epilepsy, a neurological condition. A patient of epilepsy can experience seizures that can range from relatively mild to extreme. During relatively mild seizures, the patient experiences a moment of impaired concentration, while during extreme seizures, the patient loses consciousness and awareness. Many studies show that CBD dominant medical cannabis products can be very effective in managing the frequency and severity of epilepsy seizures.

Pick a good strain for yourself

There are many different types of cannabis strains that contain different components. Different strains affect differently. So, it becomes very important for you to choose the right cannabis strain for your medical condition. You can ask doctors for guiding you in selecting the cannabis strain that will suit your condition. They can also suggest the best way of consuming medical cannabis appropriate for your condition.

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