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The next step is to have a face-to-face consultation over a video with our licensed medical marijuana health professional.

Receive Your Recommendation

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If you are looking to manage your condition with the help of medical marijuana, you do not need to look any further than medical marijuana Doctors Oklahoma. We help patients who are looking to medicate with the help of cannabis access Oklahoma medical marijuana card online. For the same, we have put a simple three-step process in place. We believe that anyone who needs cannabis should be able to access it in an easy, hassle-free manner. We are supported by a 24×7 customer support team. So, if at any point you feel like you have some questions you want to be answered about marijuana in Oklahoma or the process in general, feel free to reach out. Once you get your recommendation from us, you can easily apply online with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

Qualifying Conditions for an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card

As per Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana law i.e, SQ 788, it is clearly stated that there are no qualifying conditions. The final decision lies with the physician in question. It is at their discretion that you receive a medical marijuana card. However, there are certain conditions for which cannabis is commonly recommended.

This is by no chance an exhaustive list, but the most commonly followed one. It is always recommended that you find a cannabis-friendly physician for this reason.

Medical Marijuana Card Oklahoma


There are no specific qualifying conditions to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma. There are several health conditions and symptoms that are commonly accepted as qualifying conditions. Some of them are , stress, anxiety, pain, depression, wasting syndrome, nausea, cancer, AIDS, anorexia, autism, and glaucoma.

Yes, children under the age of 18 can qualify for a medical marijuana card. But to do so, they need approval from two doctors as well as permission from their legal guardian or parent. As they will be the ones applying on behalf of the minor.

You can register yourself as a caregiver for a medical marijuana patient through the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Website. If you have any queries regarding the same, you can contact our support team at 1 (918) 602-1189 or write your concern to

Medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma are allowed up to 3 ounces of marijuana on their person and up to 8 ounces in their residence.

Yes, Oklahoma medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow their own medical marijuana. They can grow up to 6 mature and 6 immature plants in their private space. However, it should not be visible through the streets.

What Happens After You Receive Your Marijuana Recommendation From Us?

Once you get your recommendation from us the next step is to get started on the online application with OMMA. Here you will be required to fill out a couple of online forms and provide the following documents and information.

  • Full legal name and date of birth
  • Proof of residency in Oklahoma
  • Permanent mailing address
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Clean, full-face digital photograph
  • The information of the physician who recommended cannabis
  • The physician recommendation form, dated within 30 days of the submission of the application.

Once you fill out the entire form, it will take around 14 days for OMMA to process the application.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card Online
How To Find Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Doctors

How Do You Register As A Caregiver in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma, like some other states, has a strict set of guidelines that are required to be followed for a person to become a Caregiver in Oklahoma. As per the law, a “caregiver” is defined as any person, family member, or assistant who helps an Oklahoma medical marijuana cardholder carry out their daily needs. This happens in the case a patient is home-bound or in need of assistance to carry out daily activities.

The only way one can become a caregiver is if the recommendation you get from your medical marijuana doctor clearly states that the patient is in need of one. This information is double-checked by OMMA when you fill out the form as there is a section that requires you to fill out the medical marijuana card license number of the patient. It is only once this information has been checked out that you will receive a caregiver’s license.
To apply the following documentation is required:

  • A digital copy of proof of residency in Oklahoma
  • A digital copy of the proof of identity
  • A digital photograph similar to the one used in U.S. passports
  • Submission of a Patient Caregiver Designation Form that has been signed by a patient

What are the Possession Limits with an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card Renewal?

SQ 788 not only made cannabis legal, but it also led to the creation of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority . This is the state department that is responsible for processing all the paperwork around patients, caregivers and business required for the smooth functioning of the medical marijuana industry.

With a medical marijuana card you are:

  • Possess up to 3 ounces (84.9 grams) of cannabis
  • Possess 6 mature marijuana plants
  • Legally possess 6 seedling plants
  • Have 1 ounce (28.3 grams) of concentrated marijuana
  • Legally possess 72 ounces of edible marijuana
  • Legally possess up to 8 ounces (226.4 grams) of marijuana in the patient’s residence
  • Make purchases on behalf of the patient
  • Administer cannabis to the patient you are taking care of
Apply For an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card

How Do You Apply For an Medical Marijuana Card Renewal in Oklahoma?

The ideal timeframe for you to renew your Oklahoma medical marijuana card is within the first 30 days of expiration. The first step is to check whether or not you still have access to your OMMA account. If you don’t then you need to give a call to the program’s call center.

Once you are on the homepage you need to find the “returning applicants” tab and then follow the instructions. Also, remember that you need to get a new MMJ recommendation before you apply. so, ensure you do that before the card expires.

Get Evaluated by Qualified Medical Marijuana Health Professional in Oklahoma City

If you need medical marijuana for your condition, find a licensed physician who will consult with you about medical cannabis. Remember, only Oklahoma health professionals are eligible to recommend medical marijuana. Often, family physicians are reluctant to talk about medical cannabis. That is why you must look to get a consultation from a doctor familiar with medical cannabis. That is where we come into the fray. We have a team of highly qualified and dedicated medical marijuana specialists in Oklahoma who work round the clock to ensure our patients get the care they deserve. Our team believes cannabis therapy can help a person tremendously. If you, too, believe medical cannabis can help manage your condition, get evaluated by medical marijuana doctors in Oklahoma.

Qualified Medical Marijuana Doctors in Oklahoma City

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