Guide to Renew Your Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card
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After having experienced the amazing benefits of being an Oklahoma medical marijuana card holder for some time, a person gets used to the comforts and added benefits. This means that to prolong the joyous use of the facility of a medical marijuana card especially in the US state of Oklahoma, a patient would need to renew the service. It is quite a well-known fact that like any other license, medical marijuana licenses also have an expiration date after which they lose their importance and become mere pieces of paper.

To then enjoy further services of the MMJ cards it is best for the patients to get them renewed. A renewal of a medical marijuana card may be defined as the process where the patients consult with the doctor on whether they still need marijuana for the treatment of the symptoms in their body and if and how exactly they need to renew the card. If the medical marijuana doctors decide that the patient is indeed in need of the renewal then the patient can extend their usage from the original two-year period. These renewals, especially in the state of Oklahoma, need to be applied for 30 days prior to the date of expiration.

Since the process of renewals of medical marijuana cards is different in every state it is mandatory for the patients to know the process in their own state. Here is a guide for the patients to get their medical marijuana card in Oklahoma in an easy way.

When to Apply for the Renewal? 

As we are all well aware of the wondrous therapeutic benefits of cannabis, this alternative form of treatment option has become the backbone of the new world of medicine. This means that the importance of availing all the incredible benefits that the use of a medical marijuana card promises cannot be denied. So for this, it is important to both know how to get a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma and how to apply for the renewal.

Before knowing the how-to of MMJ renewals, the when and where need to be answered sufficiently. As mentioned before, a patient should apply for the renewal 30 days prior to the date of expiration. As the original medical marijuana card in Oklahoma lasts for a luxurious period of 2 years, it is quite important for the patient to exercise vigilance on the dates related to the validity of medical marijuana cards. Applying for the renewal 30 days prior will ensure that the steps: re-consultation with the doctor as well as completion of the renewal application will be successfully completed within this duration.

Where to Apply for the Renewal?

For the renewal of the Oklahoma medical marijuana card, a patient has to apply for it on the homepage of OMMA which is the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority web portal. Here, the patient will click on the ‘returning applicants’ option and further log in with their existing account or with a new one. The patient will now carefully fill in whatever details are asked for on the page. This will enable them to apply for the standard renewal which is valid for a period of two years.

What Is the Process to Apply for the Renewal? 

The process to apply for the renewal of the Oklahoma medical marijuana card is pretty basic and simple. After knowing the timing and the place for applying for the renewal, a patient needs to have a recent medical marijuana recommendation in hand. For this they can go back to the original clinic they got their previous recs from or can choose the option of a new online clinic. The process thus includes the following easy steps.

Registering or Re-Registering Themselves  

Pretty much what the title suggests, the patient would need to register or re-register themselves on the online clinic platform. Basic personal information will be verified and checked and then the patient can move forward with the process of getting their new medical marijuana recommendation.

Hopping on a Call With a Legit Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Doctor 

This next step is a video consultation with a valid medical marijuana doctor. Here, the patient’s medical need for medical marijuana solutions will be evaluated as to whether they still need it or not. The doctor will then approve the application and recommend the use of marijuana for them to continue the treatment of their severe health concerns.

Receiving the Recommendation

Probably the easiest step in this process is to receive the pdf or a hard copy version of the medical marijuana recommendation. The patient needs to have a recommendation in hand to apply for the renewal process.

Submission of the Renewal Application on OMMA 

The patient will then perform the last step in this process which is the filling of and submission of the renewal application on the OMMA website. This is important to begin the renewal process of the medical marijuana card in Oklahoma.

What Are the Document Requirements for the Renewal?

Now that the process is all crystal clear, the patient should also know about all the important documents required for the renewal process. Let’s enlist all these important documents required for the renewal of Oklahoma medical marijuana cards.

  • Proof of residency in Oklahoma like an OK driver’s license or a Voter ID Card
  • Proof of identities like a Passport, tribal ID, or such
  • A colored, full face and clear digital photograph
  • Medical marijuana recommendation from a state-licensed doctor

One thing that isn’t a document but is still a necessity to be fulfilled for the renewal process is the submission of the renewal fee. The fee allowed for the renewal process is $100 for an average patient and $20 for disabled veterans.

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Final Thoughts

After having carefully covered all the queries that are related to the renewal of the Oklahoma medical marijuana card, it is needless to reiterate the importance of doing so. A renewal will give patients the opportunity to extend their usage of marijuana legally and at many affordable rates. Hence, it is advisable for all patients to make use of this amazing service by being vigilant and aware of the validity status of their MMJ cards at all times.

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