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December 11, 2019

Who doesn’t like Tom and Jerry? Or the famous peanut butter and jelly? If you miss out on the other, the charm of the other fades away. That’s the power of two. The same concept works for the mentioned cannabinoids as well; CBD and THC. Of course, they work great individually as well. But, when we can benefit from the power of two, why should you only go for a single cannabinoid? But, before that make sure you have your 420 med evaluations handy at all times.

Medical Cannabis- Understanding The Power of Two

Medical cannabis is not a single entity. It’s not only about cannabinoids, but it’s also more about the other contents as well. It has terpenes, cannabinoids other than CBD or THC. However, it’s only CBD and THC that are ruling the world of medical marijuana. People want to discard THC because of its psychoactive effects and wish to take in anything that comes with CBD.

But, they have forgotten about the strains that come with a combination of CBD and THC. For instance, one of the popular medical marijuana strains, Royal Cookies has around 23% THC and 0.4% CBD. Little does anyone know that having a balanced proportion of CBD and THC can actually help them reduce their respective symptoms pretty much sooner than too without experiencing any side effects of THC. But, how is that even possible? Let’s understand the biochemistry of these two cannabinoids a bit more.

As per a famous book, “Smoke Signals”, Cannabidiol is something that balances the euphoria associated with THC that could make people weird or sometimes loopy. CBD helps to take that part away while triggering its medicinal properties even more. Here is how it is possible. The endocannabinoid system manages a lot of bodily functions such as hormonal levels, appetite, cognition, and other important biological reactions. So, whenever you consume a concoction of CBD and THC, they will carry out their respective biochemical reactions and will work in improving their current mental or physical state pretty much easily.

THC works by attaching itself to the CB1 receptors and CBD modulates the CB1 and CB2 receptors that will slow down the process of degrading endocannabinoids and will be helpful in managing the normal functions pretty easily. When taken together, CBD will bind to the sites where THC attaches and will effectively reduce any euphoric effects.

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What Does Research Say?

A study concluded that CBD acts as a modulator that blocks the site for THC by changing the shape of its receptors. Thereby, reducing any negative effects. Another study says that THC and CBD spray provide better medicinal effects in managing one of the cancer symptoms. One other study revealed that CBD and THC work better and reduce the neurotoxic effects along with providing a neuroprotective cover. So, having 420 doctor evaluations in Oklahoma helps you access such strains easily.

What Are The Benefits of this Concoction?

There are many benefits of using the two cannabinoids together for medicinal purposes. For instance, CBD enhances the pain-relieving properties while improving the quality of sleep in the meantime. Other than that, it can also be beneficial for reducing cancer-related painful symptoms as well while blocking the growth of new cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells in the vicinity.

Furthermore, CBD prolongs the medicinal properties of THC by avoiding its breakdown in the liver. So, you get a chance of relieving your range of conditions with its incredible analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and other properties for extended periods.

Key Takeaways

CBD and THC are amazing in their own space. But, they work exceedingly well when they are together. They create amazing medical magic together. So, start your journey with 420 med evaluations right away.

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