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Marijuana edibles are a perfect way to enter fantasy land. The perfect little mascots are adept at creating illusions never known to mankind. Interestingly, these delicious-looking marijuana-infused edibles are undoubtedly mouth-watering, thanks to the terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants including the cannabis plant. Nevertheless, in my personal opinion cannabis edibles are great for a first-timer, as long as the individual is consuming the right amount.

However, the main question is what is the right amount? Now, if you ask a marijuana expert. Say you take up this question with Oklahoma marijuana doctors or perhaps the doctors in your state. The doctors will tell you exactly what I am about to share with you.

First and foremost, every individual has a different biochemistry. This means that if you have a gummy bear it might lead you to say that, “I am too high.” But for others, one gummy bear will not create the same effect. All in all, it is most likely that your friend and you will experience two different things.

Simply put, the high will vary from individual to individual. However, a high dose can be too high for some people to handle. This is why we present you with a post about things you need to learn before eating marijuana edibles.

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All High’s are Not Created Equal

You have to understand the ‘edible high’ before gulping an entire brownie down your throat. Scientifically speaking, most edibles go through the process of digestion, the reason why you will never get high instantly. Besides, the liver metabolizes edibles, hence producing a greater high than the high produced by smoking marijuana.

So, when you eat an edible, the euphoric effect turns out to be more powerful than expected. Plus the high will last longer, sometimes it can even last up to 12 hours.

Start with Small Doses

There is a reason why scientists are conducting studies on the number of edibles you should consume. Not only this but educational campaigns are also being run worldwide on starting edibles with 5 milligrams of THC. The reason behind these campaigns is to educate people about the impact of cannabis edibles.

You see cannabis edibles work in a very different way as mentioned earlier. Edibles are easy to consume and it takes a while for edibles to release their full magic. This is why some people end up consuming a lot, which by the way is not a good sign. So, ensure that you start with 5 milligrams of dose.

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Be Patient

You need to understand that smoking marijuana and eating edibles are two different things. THC interacts directly with the CB1 receptors in the brain and you get an instant high. Whereas in the case of edibles, the liver metabolizes a powerful THC, but the course of action takes time.

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So, at first, you might think that one gummy bear or one bite of a brownie is not enough to produce the desired effect. And the bad news is, you might end up consuming a lot. This, in turn, can be dangerous for you. So, stay patient and wait until the high kicks in.

Learn Everything About Your Source

The marijuana industry mixes low-quality products with high quality and edibles are still new to the cannabis industry. As a result, it raises some concerns like how is cannabis baked into the brownie or how to decide what is 5 milligrams of a 100-milligram candy bar?

Now, as a cannabis user it is your responsibility to check the edibles you are purchasing or even cooking. Look at the labels, amount of THC levels, the source from where it comes and the brand. If you know it comes from a trusted source, you are good to go.

Surround Yourself with Friends

I am sure by now you are fully aware of the fact that edibles are highly powerful and potent. And if you have decided to explore the magic of edibles, make sure you surround yourself with friends. Also, save your first experience for a time and place that is comfortable and calm just like when you Netflix and chill.

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