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Being high on marijuana might sound perfect to you, maybe you enjoy a little bit of intoxication. A feeling of euphoria after a long week might be your preferred way of spending the weekend but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. And even for those who enjoy this experience, there is a thin line between an enjoyable high and one that induces anxiety.

Even after applying for a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma, you have to decide what kind of product you want to buy with the card. Not every product will suit you, especially if it’s too potent for your tolerance level. It’s crucial to find a product suitable for your

So how can you ensure that the effects you experience post-consumption aren’t too much to take?

Here are some tips.

Buy CBD Isolates or Broad Spectrum Products

Cannabis isn’t just a herb that has therapeutic properties but is made of hundreds of components that have varying effects on our body and mind. When combined together in a cannabis product, we are able to enjoy the entourage and euphoric effects.

However, any cannabis consumer should know the basics of the herb. Cannabis has multiple cannabinoids present in it, and not all lead to a ‘high’. That department is solely dedicated to the cannabinoid THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid that has intoxicating effects. On the other hand, CBD, the other most popular cannabinoid, has only therapeutic effects.

So, would that mean that if you eliminate THC from your cannabis dose, you won’t get high? Exactly.

If we take the THC out of cannabis, you’re still left with the therapeutic effects of CBD and other cannabinoids but no longer have to sit through a high phase. To ensure that you get the benefits of every other component present in cannabis, you can buy a broad spectrum CBD product.

However, if you’re someone who’s solely interested in the benefits of CBD and want a product with high concentrations of the cannabinoid, you can prefer a CBD isolate over other products.

Unlike other states where recreational cannabis is legal, you still need a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma to purchase any CBD or cannabis product.

Take Smaller Doses of Potent Products

You can still consume cannabis products or full-spectrum CBD goods with mild euphoric effects and not a full-blown high. How? By measuring your doses right.

The stronger your doses the more will be the effect. If you cut down on them, your effects should subside too. For those consuming two drops of oil, shifting to a single drop might work best.

You can reduce the size of your joint, and use a 1 gram roll a few times before switching to a new one.

This will also limit your chances of getting dependent on the herb or overdosing on it.

Change Your Mode of Consumption

You don’t get high from something that doesn’t enter your body. But you can get relief.

Consumers who want to experience the comfort, pain relief and relaxation that comes with cannabis without experiencing a high, can prefer topical application. You can find balms, lotions, roll-ons, gels, and even skincare products that make this experience easier.

These topical applicants are perfect for targeted relief and do not lead to an overall entourage effect. Why? Because they get absorbed into the skin and not into the bloodstream.

However, these tips only work pre-consumption. If you’ve already consumed too much marijuana and feel the high coming, don’t get anxious. There are still ways for you to reduce the impact.

Munch on Some Snacks (Not Sweets)

If you’ve smoked more than you should’ve, and feel the high getting out of control, you can find savory things to munch on. The simple act of chewing will keep you in touch with reality and help you stay grounded.

Some of your best friends at this time would be peppercorns, a slice of lime, or some pine nuts. We’re sure you’ll find some black pepper in your kitchen if not peppercorns. Sprinkle them on whatever snack you’re having. Or the lime in your refrigerator, start sucking on its slice, even if it’s too sour for you.

However, it’s best to stay away from sugary desserts or anything that might contain alcohol or any other drug

Drink a Gallon (of Water, Not Sugary Drinks)

Drinking a lot of water is the best way of coming down from a high. And it’s also the only way to prevent a dry mouth. Unfortunately, marijuana consumption, or overconsumption in this case, will leave you with a cottonmouth. It’s a great idea to hydrate yourself with water. Put a lime in it if you like. But stay away from sugary and alcoholic beverages.

Relax and Sleep it Off

Don’t let anxiety get the best of you. It’s easier to get paranoid when you don’t know what’s happening but knowing well enough what kind of effects marijuana can have on you can help you prepare better.

In moments of overconsumption, a night cozied up in a blanket with some delicious snacks on your side and your favorite movie playing in front of you might help you stay relaxed. Or a warm bath with your favorite essential oils. Do what helps you stay calm and slowly doze off into slumber.

Workout Mode On

Don’t climb a rope or go trekking but maybe a walk might help. Workouts are great to keep you concentrated, get your body moving and drive your mind away from overthinking.

However, we don’t recommend doing something strenuous that might end up hurting you. Keep your workouts simple, and prefer those that do not require any equipment. Yoga, maybe?

Ending Words

While you can prevent being high on marijuana by controlling your doses or buying doses that are incapable of inducing a high, being well versed with ways to reverse the effects are equally crucial. Next time you end up on a high horse, now you know exactly how to get down.

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