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How to Grow Marijuana at Home in Oklahoma
September 9, 2021 adminfu 0

The most confusing aspect of medical marijuana isn’t in respect to the way of consumption of medical marijuana, or where to find valid Oklahoma medical marijuana doctors or even in its effectiveness in treating health issues; it is the legal laws regarding both the use and cultivation that is confusing. Where we have already established if weed is legal in Oklahoma, now we need to understand if and how a personal grower can grow marijuana at home for personal use. For this, the first thing that we need to cover is Licensed Patient Medical Marijuana Cultivation Rules for patients at home in Oklahoma.

Medical Marijuana Cultivation Rules for Licensed Patients at Home in Oklahoma

There are certain rules that have to be kept in mind before you can legally cultivate marijuana at home. Let’s have a look at each one.

Who Can Legally Grow Medical Marijuana at Home?

In order to grow marijuana at home in Oklahoma, you need to have your Oklahoma medical marijuana patient license. For this you need to first avail for a recommendation and a medical marijuana card from a valid clinic, submit the recommendation along with a medical marijuana patient application to the right authorities and if accepted receive your identification card within the duration of a few days. This process has to be followed without fail otherwise you will not be legally allowed to grow cannabis at your home.

As of yet there is no cultivation licensing for a patient or caregiver in Oklahoma.

Where Can You Grow Medical Marijuana as a Licensed Patient?

When you become a medical marijuana patient license holder in Oklahoma you must cultivate marijuana on your own property or on the property of someone who has given you written consent for the cultivation of marijuana on their property. There are certain additional considerations that have to be kept in mind in regards to the place of cultivation.

  • The medical marijuana being cultivated by licensed patients can by no means be accessible to the general public.
  • The cultivation site of medical marijuana being grown should not be visible from any street adjacent to the property. Visible by an average person with 20/20 vision without the use of any devices or tools.
  • No licensed patient can use any extraction equipment or special process which utilizes butane, propane, carbon dioxide, or any potentially hazardous components in or around residential property.

How Much Medical Marijuana Can Be Grown?

As a licensed medical marijuana patient you can grow upto 12 cannabis plants out of which six should be mature or flowering plants and six should be seedlings. This system is good to maintain a continuous growth cycle of your medical marijuana

What is the Cultivation Fees of Growing Medical Marijuana?

Currently there are no fees attached to a licensed patient’s home cultivation of medical marijuana under the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA).

How to Legally Find Marijuana Seeds in Oklahoma

The requirement of marijuana seeds for cultivation at home is pretty obvious after we’ve already established the rules for the cultivation of medical marijuana. The important aspect here is to find the best quality seeds which are legally available. In Oklahoma, you can find marijuana seeds from any local dispensary nearest to you. You cannot buy seeds online or from other states due to the strict laws that prohibit the crossing of marijuana or any of its byproducts from one state to another.

Tips to Grow Medical Marijuana at Home in Oklahoma

A licensed patient has to put in a lot of time, effort and high expenses to grow high quality marijuana at home. Here are a few tips to aid patients in this.

Clean Work Station

The site of the cultivation facility should be like a laboratory. There should be no contamination of plants with certain types of bacteria so you need to make sure that the workstation is always in immaculate condition, all clean and hygienic. The bug infestation is another important issue that should be taken care of to avoid the destruction of your batch of crops.

Climate at the Cultivation Site

In Oklahoma, the best time to grow marijuana is considered to be spring as this plant does not do well in extreme conditions. The temperature should thus be sustained at above 86 Fahrenheit or under 55 Fahrenheit so that the yield of the crop is a high quality one with thriving good potent marijuana buds. Overall it is a slightly complex system which needs close attendance and good care.

Maintaining a Rotation of Crops at Different Stages of Growth

This aspect of maintaining a good growth cycle has itself been established via the number of marijuana plants that you’re legally allowed to grow. Having six mature and six seedling cannabis plants at all times will ensure that the vegetation and flowering stages let you harvest a fresh batch of marijuana every 8 to 13 weeks.

Final Thoughts

Experimentation is key to learning more about how your cultivation of cannabis plants will affect the quality and potency of marijuana extracted from your plant. Of course the experimentation has to be within the stipulated guidelines for legal cultivation but what is suggested for a licensed patient for growing it at home is to treat it like gardening and see what works according to the soil and the climate at the site of cultivation. You can experience the best results only when you thoroughly experiment and finally cultivate the kind of marijuana which will not only be super effective for you but also be super enjoyable to consume. Get started today and see how beneficial personally grown medical marijuana actually is!

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