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Cannabis has been used by people for many years now. And it is not just for medical purposes. Even though when we look at our history we see marijuana as a product that makes us high but lately, it has become illegal. And to use it now you need special permission and you need recommendations.

The process is very different from any ordinary treatment. You will get to use marijuana for relieving yourself from pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

But there are many rumors about the use of medical cannabis. You can say there are myths about it.

Here are some myths and facts.


“Smoke Cannabis to Get Straight A’s”

For a teen, their brains are still developing. The idea of smoking marijuana and getting good grades is just a hoax. It isn’t possible, even if you manage to retain the memory. It isn’t possible to carry it forward into the exams. That’s when it will hit you, you made a silly mistake on believing false stories.

“It is a Dangerous Drug”

Well in actuality, marijuana may be the least dangerous drug. You can actually check it against the more dangerous ones. i.e. tobacco and alcohol. You can always take this information to account that no one has ever had a marijuana overdose.

“Cannabis Can Damage Your Body”

This is obviously not true. There are more adverse effects to your brain if you drink alcohol rather than marijuana.

It is safe to assume that things like tobacco, alcohol, prescribed medicine, a poor diet can cause you more health-related problems. Unlike marijuana which can actually cure you of insomnia, get your food habits straight and relieve you of pain and anxiety as well.

It is a fact that people die every 20 minutes due to a prescribed drug. But ever since there are records of marijuana being recommended there have been zero deaths.

“Marijuana is Addicting”

This argument is brought up by those who are against the use of marijuana. It is not addicting, and it is not like anyone can simply purchase and use it anymore.

There are laws set in stone for this. You will need a doctor to assess you. After which you get your own Oklahoma medical marijuana card. Only if you are medically cleared and require the treatment will you get approved.

There is an expiry date to this as well. Then you need to get your cannabis card renewed.

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Cannabis is one of The Most Used Drugs

Billions of people use drugs every day. And cannabis is just second to alcohol. This raises a few concerns. But that doesn’t make marijuana dangerous or addictive. Medical marijuana is now used in many countries. They have legalized and changed the way people think about marijuana.

Hemp Plant Benefits Both the Environment And People

The environment will benefit if the hemp plant is used for more than marijuana. It can also be used in soaps, diapers, fuel, and clothing. It is an amazing renewable resource. The seeds in the plant can be used in food as well.

There is an environmental angle as well. The growth of this plant helps in creating more jobs for production, eliminates world hunger, and also helps fight greenhouse gases.

No Adverse Effects

Only extremely heavy users can be dependent on marijuana. Other than that there is not account of anyone going overboard. You needn’t worry then.

Adverse effects that marijuana can have our for users to lose the ability to drive for a while. And women who smoke marijuana while they are pregnant have a higher chance of having babies born with birth defects.

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