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medical marijuana card Oklahoma
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Oklahoma has a noteworthy history of cannabis. From being a state who banned the use of marijuana in 1933 to legalizing its medical use in the year 2018, Oklahoma has come a long way! Though adult-use marijuana is still waiting for its way to enter the state, the overall cannabis business is booming in Oklahoma. Read on to know why and how Oklahoma became one of the hottest cannabis markets in the United States.

Booming Trend of Cannabis In Oklahoma 

It’s interesting to notice that being one of the states with a comparatively low population, Oklahoma has managed to boast more cannabis retail stores than Colorado, Oregon, and Washington together. Once was a time when the state used to draw people in the search of wealth and now cannabis has become a significant part of it, the statistics prove.

Despite all the losses followed by the coronavirus pandemic, Oklahoma’s medical marijuana product sales crossed $800 million in the year 2020, more than the sale in 2019.

Well, it all comes down to the legalization of medical marijuana in the state. People with a medical marijuana card Oklahoma and a debilitating medical condition can seek legal cannabis treatment. In addition, the growing acknowledgment of the plant’s therapeutic potential has made more and more people believe in the herbal drug and hence, apply for medical cards in Oklahoma.

Again, the legalization of medical marijuana has made it quite easier for people to launch a cannabis business in the state. It has surpassed California as the largest state to have more than 9000 licensed cannabis farms. And all this growth without the legalization of recreational cannabis. Isn’t it surprising? It surely is, making Oklahoma one of the hottest cannabis markets in the US.

Medical Cannabis In Oklahoma 

Medical cannabis enjoys quite a demand in Oklahoma. The surge in 2019 sales (medical marijuana products) added more than 6000 new jobs in the state’s cannabis industry, bringing the total number to 17000. More than 5.8% of the state’s population has registered for the medical marijuana program in order to seek cannabis treatment for different health conditions.

The government has made sure to provide the most convenient MMJ programs with the least restrictions on MMJ certifications. Not only this, but the state-licensing department has given a green signal to more than 7000 cannabis businesses to operate in Oklahoma. All of this has contributed to the growth of medical cannabis in Oklahoma.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma?

Getting a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma is easy and quick. The OMMA (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority) looks into all the matters concerned with medical marijuana registrations. Well, speaking specifically about the process of obtaining an MMIC card (Medical Marijuana Identification Card) in Oklahoma, it is pretty much the same as in other states.

The process could be divided into two steps:

  • Consult a licensed doctor and take the recommendation 
  • Apply for your MMIC card 

Consult a Licensed Doctor 

The first and foremost step is to find an Oklahoma board-certified doctor with proper medical qualifications. You can visit a doctor physically or via an online clinic that provides MMJ services. Considering the convenience factor, the majority of the patients prefer online consultation.

Register on any legitimate online MMJ clinic and they will connect you to a licensed doctor who will evaluate your health condition on a video chat. Though the other states have a list of qualifying conditions, Oklahoma does not follow the same.

The state suggests that if a doctor thinks that a patient needs cannabis treatment, then one can be issued a medical marijuana license. Upon approval, the doctor will provide you with a medical marijuana recommendation letter. Also, keep in mind that the doctor should have a bona fide physician-patient relationship with the patient whom he is providing with the MMJ certification. An MMJ recommendation letter is basically evidence that you have a doctor’s permission to use medical cannabis products.

Note: Since marijuana is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government, a doctor cannot ‘prescribe’ medical marijuana rather he can ‘recommend’ the use of marijuana. That’s why a patient gets a medical marijuana recommendation and not a prescription.

Apply for Your MMIC Card 

Now that you have your MMJ rec letter, the next step in the process is to apply for an MMIC card at Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority’s registration page. While completing the registration process, you would need some documents including a copy of your MMJ recommendation letter, residential proof, identity proof, and your photograph. Once you successfully submit your application, the authority will take around 14 days to respond to verify. If your application gets verified, you will receive your approval letter and license via mail. Once you have your license, you can use it to buy cannabis products from any licensed dispensary.

Benefits of Getting an MMIC Card In Oklahoma

A patient with an MMIC card gets the following benefits:

  • 3 ounces of marijuana
  • 6 mature marijuana plants
  • 6 seedling plants
  • 1 ounce (28 g) of concentrated marijuana
  • 72 ounces (2,000 g) of edible marijuana
  • 8 ounces (230 g) of marijuana in their residence
  • High-quality and more potent cannabis products
  • Discounts on sales tax on cannabis products

Final Thoughts

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that Oklahoma’s cannabis market contains immense potential. The state, with its jaw-dropping sales statistics, has eclipsed big states like California. More and more small cannabis businesses have been wanting to establish their presence and flourish in the state. No doubt that all of this is a natural result of medical marijuana legalization but people wonder what would be the scenario if the state legalizes the use of adult-use marijuana?

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