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May 26, 2022

Have you heard about journaling your medical issues? It can help you keep track of how your condition is progressing, while also keeping your mental health in check. Especially if you are regularly cannabis intake with hopes of treating medical issues, you must keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

So, let’s understand cannabis journaling in brief detail, how it helps, what you should be journaling, and whether it will actually benefit you.

What is a Cannabis Journal?

A cannabis journal can be kept online or offline, based entirely on your preference. However, keep in mind that you may have to carry a physical diary with you everywhere so you can properly journal without missing any entries.

So, why should you journal your medical marijuana usage? Well, that too, depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Are you trying to find the perfect way to consume cannabis? Are you looking for the right strain? Or, perhaps, you want to understand your tolerance. All these things can be achieved with the help of journaling.

As legalization spreads throughout U.S. states, more and more cannabis options become available to the public. So, it is best to remember what you have tried, and what has or hasn’t worked for you. Doing so will help you avoid repeating any bad experiences you may have had with a strain/ product in the past.

Let’s look at exactly what you should be noted down and how it will prove to be useful.

What You Should be Journaling

“As legalization trends continue and more and more options become available, companies are branding completely different products in the same way so a lot of products that are labeled differently than what they’re actually for,” Dautrich stated, adding that “with journaling, you have a lot of knowledge and data and information backing up your purchase so you know you’ll get a similar outcome.”

How Strains/ Products Affect You

This is one of the most important things you need to observe, as there are thousands of strains out there. So, it may take you a while to find the ideal one that helps you deal with your medical issues efficiently. You can start by understanding the types of strains to narrow it down.

Indica – Indica dominant strains often cause a body high, meaning that you feel relaxed all of your body. They are said to have originated from Central Asia/ the Indian subcontinent. Great for relaxation, it is best to consume such strains at night as you will feel drowsy. They also stimulate appetite and help with pain relief. However, not all Indica-based strains will have the same effects, which is why the journal helps.

Sativa – Sativa dominant strains produce a head high, meaning that you will feel the effects only in your head, and not in the body. Such strains are known to impart euphoric but uplifting effects. They boost your mood and make you feel active, boosting creativity and energy. Thus, it is best to use them during the day. They are also known to reduce stress and anxiety.

Ways of Consumption 

Unbeknownst to most new consumers, different ways of consuming cannabis have varying results. So, it is important to note how different ways make you feel, which method suits you the best, etc. Some things you can look into, while journaling about these ways are:

What are the effects like – this is the most important, so you can see if your requirements are being met. If the effects of smoking/ vaping are not as ideal as those of edibles, you should pick the latter. Click here to understand the difference better.

How long it takes for you to feel the effects – another thing you must factor is how long after consuming cannabis do you feel it. In terms of edibles like gummies, people often feel them after an hour or two; however, the effects are very strong. So, if you can wait that long you may go for edibles, however, on the days when you need instant relief from chronic pain, you can try tinctures.

What does the product taste like – it may not sound like much of an issue, but many people avoid tinctures because they leave a bitter aftertaste. For this reason, you will find flavor profiles of cannabis strains online. Therefore, it helps to journal which methods taste like what and whether you would be open to trying it again.

The Proper Dosage 

Trying different cannabis products to find the ideal one for your requirements may leave you a bit confused. You may confuse the dosage between two products and overconsume, as some products are more potent than others.

For instance, THC products are more potent than CBD products, so less quantity will produce the same results as more quantity of CBD. The quantity of these compounds may even vary from brand to brand, so you can also note down if you prefer a specific ratio, such as CBD twice the amount of THC is preferred by many.

Your Goal 

The last on this list, but also a pretty important one to remember. What are your goals? Why did you start consuming cannabis and is your journal helping you progress towards that goal? Are you looking to treat something specific or just an energetic high? Perhaps, you want a good night’s sleep?

Identify your goals and keep them in mind as you continue to journal. Remember, the whole point is to fulfill your requirements by finding what works for you optimally.


There are no side effects to journaling your cannabis products, as it only helps you, so you should go ahead. However, if you are a resident of Norman, Ohio, you will require an MMJ card to obtain medical marijuana legally. To get in touch with some of the best medical marijuana doctors in Norman, visit us.

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