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medical marijuana card Oklahoma
October 26, 2021

Oklahoma is a state which has been quite slow in accepting the use of marijuana for both medical as well as recreational purposes. However, back in June 2018, the voters of the state legalized the use of medical marijuana which was a life-changing event in the history of marijuana use in this state. People in need of medical marijuana started applying for their individual medical marijuana card Oklahoma to authenticate their identity for the legal use of marijuana within the boundaries of the state.

Since using marijuana legally in the state was only possible for the person if they had a medical marijuana card in hand, getting an Oklahoma MMJ card became more of a necessity than a luxury. People could legally possess, grow or purchase cannabis or its products only if they had a qualifying health condition along with of course an authentic Oklahoma Medical Marijuana card. Even though the market of medical cannabis is booming and patients can make use of products at much cheaper rates, other people who want to enjoy the effects of marijuana, have no right to use it in a recreational way.

This led to a revolution for the legalization of cannabis for each citizen of age 21 or older for recreational purposes. Many states of the US have already legalized recreational cannabis for their citizens like California, Alaska, Idaho, etc. which also directly influenced the minds of the people of Oklahoma. This is the reason that can be credited with the inception of the petition plea as well as for its propagation. What does this new petition entail? Let’s read further and find out.

What Is This New Petition All About?


A new petition for the legalization and rightful use of marijuana by any citizen of the state at the age of 21 or over, was filed by a cannabis advocacy group, Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action (ORCAs), in the state of Oklahoma. This petition was submitted quite recently on October 7, 2021, and has carefully outlined instructions for the requisite legalization process of marijuana for recreational purposes.

According to the people advocating for this petition, recreational marijuana becoming legal in every state of the United States of America is inevitable. This means that sooner or later the realization of the successful possibilities of marijuana for recreational purposes is bound to be felt by all. The revenue of medical cannabis alone has seen a worthwhile increase in the year 2020, which has led to people realizing the economic benefits of legalizing recreational cannabis.

What Do the Guidelines of the Petition Say?

As per the guidelines of this petition the revenue generated from the 15% tax that would be levied on recreational marijuana or its products may be used for various important purposes like education, local and military veterans mental health programs, and other such social programs. Apart from this, the main objective of this petition plea is to create a transparent structure for the use of recreational marijuana by each citizen in a proper way. This is an admirable and crystal clear way of carrying out such an important task at each and every administrative level of the state.

Anywhere around 178,000 signatures of citizens of the state need to be collected within a matter of 90 days for the successful placing of this petition on the ballot in 2022. This is quite an achievable target and reflects a healthy possibility for the legalization of recreational marijuana with the already legal medical marijuana in Oklahoma. If all goes well, Oklahoma is set to become the nineteenth state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.

What Does This Petition Mean for Medical Marijuana Patients?

People are eagerly anticipating the passing of this law as it is also quite beneficial for the patients of medical marijuana. This comes as a surprise because normally a person would expect that the significance of medical marijuana cards for patients would fade out after recreational use is legalized. This is not true due to a number of reasons. Medical marijuana cards offer loads of advantages for the patients at every possible turn and it is almost impossible for them to be lost over time.

In addition to the benefits that a medical marijuana card Oklahoma already offers the patients, this petition will aid in the phasing out of the minimum tax that was previously levied on the usage of medical marijuana. This means every other advantage of medical marijuana will not lose its importance but would rather be magnified for the patients. This adds integrity to the whole process of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

Should People Then Still Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card Oklahoma?

Yes, patients who are suffering from certain health disorders should definitely apply for their medical marijuana card. There is no doubt about the benefits that being a medical marijuana cardholder in the state of Oklahoma offers. The most sensical thing for the patients to do is then to apply for a medical marijuana card online and get their recommendations on time.

The simple fact of the matter is that when patients have a medical marijuana card, it means that they are suffering from one or two of the disorders from the long list of qualifying health conditions that call for 420 solutions. This means that they need a constant supply of marijuana to treat the symptoms inside their body. Having an MMJ card Oklahoma will guarantee them not just an additional legal protection advantage but will also open their access to the myriad products being offered via the state-licensed medical dispensaries. Inclusive of the increased quantities of possession, transportation, and growth of cannabis and related items with a drastic reduction in the tax on each product make for MMJ cards the best possible solutions for them.

So getting a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma will not be a good idea, but rather the best one. Get your MMJ Oklahoma card today or apply for your renewals asap!

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